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Parish Jottings - February 2018

Winter in the Churchyard

You do not have to wait for spring this year; it is already here in the churchyard. Looking around, you can spot bulbs rising up through the grass and getting ready to perform their colourful springtime serenade...

Parish Jottings - January 2018

Day of Remembrance

In The Great War (1914-18), now known as World War One, so many brave servicemen died fighting for freedom from tyranny. After America had joined the Allies in April 1918, Germany, realising that it could never win the war, in October 1918, asked the Allies for an armistice...

Parish Jottings - December 2017

Harvest Banners

Two new banners have been made for the church’s Harvest Festival, by Mary Burton, Maureen George and Rosemary Woodroffe...



Reverend Duncan Carter
Vicarage, 16 Church Street, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 1SE (574822)

Trinity at Four Minister:
Reverend Sam Brewster
29 Gainsborough Hill,
Oxfordshire, RG9 1ST
(07899 843461)

Licensed Lay Minister:
Michael Forsdike (612161)

Barbara Williams
Michael Forsdike


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