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Parish Jottings - September / October 2014

Cheese and Wine party at the vicarage

On Friday 27th July the organisers of the vicarage Cheese and Wine Party were keeping a close eye on the unpredictable weather, True to its name, hot July brought cooling showers in the afternoon. The tables had been already laid out on the vicarage lawn in readiness for the evening’s event. Therefore the question was, should the venue be hastily moved to that of the nave of the church, or would the rain, so desperately needed by the gardeners by the way, cease to fall?

Parish Jottings - August 2014

The West Country for Anne

On Sunday 22nd June at the morning service the church said goodbye to Anne Dixon, a long-standing member of Holy Trinity church, who is leaving Henley to go and live in Somerset near to her daughter Sarah’s family with four grandchildren. Anne’s other daughter Joanna and family with two grandchildren live in neighbouring Wiltshire so they also will be not be far away for visits to Anne’s new home...

Parish Jottings - July 2014

Churchyard Trees

The churchyard trees have now had a spring haircut and look much tidier. Some trees have been trimmed more harshly than others. The cost of the work was less than was originally estimated and the remainder of the Tree Fund will be used to repair the deteriorating churchyard paths. The following photographs show the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ views of the lime tree standing at the west end of the church.



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