Parish Jottings

Parish Jottings - September / October 2020

Knit & Stitch Group reconvenes

Following the easing of Lockdown restrictions, the church Knit & Stitch Group has started to meet again. To date, Mary Burton and Rosemary Woodroffe have held meetings in their gardens. During the meetings, social-distancing precautions have been in place, as the risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus infection still exists. Tea is available on a ‘bring your own cup’ basis. The meetings will continue whilst the weather is suitable.

Home Grown Preachers

It is pleasing to note that several children of members of our church have been involved in church services. David Hails, son of Mike and Pam Hails, preached in Neath Abbey. Debbie Smith, daughter of John and Jean Smith, has taken a service in her church in Birmingham. Peter Woodroffe, son of Brian and Rosemary Woodroffe, has preached in his church. All the above sibling preachers used to attend Holy Trinity church here in Henley before they moved away from Henley.

Oxford Diocesan Magazine

The Summer Edition of “Pathways”, the magazine for the people of the Diocese of Oxford, has been published. This edition focusses on addressing the climate change emergency. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic considerations, the magazine is only available in digital form online.

Download PDF from:-

Oxford Diocesan Magazine

“Trinity Times”

Although our church magazine is still available in paper form, it is also available in digital form, and can be read, or downloaded from the church website.

Download PDF from:-

“Word for Today”

To complete our sources of digitally available magazines, this free publication is available both in its normal paper form, and in digital form. If you are unable to pick a copy from church, you can read it on line. In addition, you can sign up for a regular copy to be posted to your home address; there is no charge for postage. Alternately, you can read the current day’s passage online, or, by downloading the ‘App’, you can have the passage for the day sent to your mobile telephone or iPad daily.

Sign up, or download PDF from:-

A shady corner of the Riverside Gardens in the south of Holy Trinity parish
A shady corner of the Riverside Gardens in the south of Holy Trinity parish


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