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Parish Jottings - September / October 2016

Congratulations to Trinity's Diamond Couple

Congratulations to Trinity's Diamond Couple
Peter & Barbara Williams

It is rarely that we have the opportunity to celebrate a diamond wedding anniversary, however, after the morning service on Sunday 24th July, we did just that, with the accompaniment of glasses of bubbling champagne.

Peter and Barbara were married sixty years ago in Kent. At the time, Peter was following his career in the RAF, which had rules about officers getting married. Barbara had first to be vetted by the RAF to see if she would make a suitable wife for one of their young Spitfire pilots. Of course, Barbara just walked through the test, and, in due course, the couple were married. Since that day, Peter and Barbara have been blessed with two children, Andrew and Claire, and two great-grandchildren.

When Peter retired from the RAF in 1969, the family moved to Henley. They joined our church and soon became firmly established Trinitarians, in the days when John Clarke was vicar.

Both Peter and Barbara have contributed bountifully to our church life over the years; there is not enough space here to mention all the ways in which they have done so. However, to mention but just a few: Peter has provided the music at church services, has expertly constructed many new pieces of church furniture and was magazine editor from 1993 to 2001. Barbara, always distinguished by her fashionable hats, has been our indispensable churchwarden since 2008. Peter and Barbara together are great entertainers, and in the past have provided us with many slide shows at 'Contact' evenings. Irrefutably, Peter and Barbara are indeed a special duo, deserving our most sincere applause and congratulations.

Flowers for Love

The flower ladies have been highly commended for the flower arrangements they provided for the recent wedding of Iain McKenzie and Helen Rankov. Our flower ladies, Mary Burton, Ruth Forster, Maureen George and Valerie Morgan, all put in an exemplary effort to produce many displays which were placed around the church. Sadly, this could be the last time the ladies will be able to do wedding flowers, as time marches on, and younger hands are now needed to undertake this work.

Pleasure boats for hire at Hobbs Yard in Holy Trinity church Parish
Pleasure boats for hire at Hobbs Yard in Holy Trinity church Parish


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