Parish Jottings

Parish Jottings - September 2017

Cream Teas in the Churchyard

On Saturday 15th July, Sarah Cook held her now annual “Cream Teas” event in the lower churchyard. Cream teas were enjoyed by the many who attended, and, fortunately, the weather was favourable.

New Church Heaters

A new radiant heater
A new radiant heater

The replacement of the old church heaters had been the subject of discussion for many a past year. At last, the P.C.C has been able to take action on the matter and has replaced the old high level radiant heaters with 15 new ones. The cost of the installation was about £5,000. The heaters are Dimplex QXD3000 with 3 kilowatt quartz-halogen incandescent lamps. The heaters give a reddish glow and need to be accurately positioned so as to spread the heat evenly throughout the church.

Originally, the church was heated by a coke-fired boiler heating underfloor hot water pipes with outlet grilles in the floor. In the winter of 1962/63, the old church boiler was struggling to heat the church adequately. The cost of restoring the boiler, estimated at £1,300, was beyond the means of the church, and a cheaper alternative was sought. Consequently, the P.C.C. decided to install 24 high level electric radiant heaters at a cost of £14/10/0 each, and the total installation cost was some £700, including a new intake cable from the sub-station.

Palm Trees

Palm Trees Palm Trees

Ian Forster has provided the church entrance with a pair of palm trees in pots to compliment the church entrance. They will also set the scene for the new church heaters which promise to give us an increased level of heating during the winter season.

July storms cause tree damage

The late July storms caused damage to a tree in the lower churchyard. It is thought that the sudden weight of the rain collected on the tree caused some branches to break off. Helpers cut up the fallen branches which were piled up nearby for later removal. In the vicarage garden, a tree was completely blown down.

The lower churchyard after the storm
The lower churchyard after the storm


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