Parish Jottings

Parish Jottings - October 2021

Henley Green Week

Henley Green Week

During the week of September 18th – 26th, activities themed around the environment took place in Henley. This local initiative was organised by the ‘Greener Henley Environmental Group, to tackle climate change. Its mission is “To build awareness of the climate and ecological crisis, empowering individual and collective action within our local community to reach net zero as fast as possible”. Members of Greener Henley are local people, from different backgrounds, all with a common aim: to work together to help build a greener, zero carbon future for Henley and our villages.

Holy Trinity church’s contribution was to hold a working party in the churchyard. A report of this will be given in next month’s magazine.

The invincible pandemic

The pandemic continues to wield its angry fist on mankind, and could take a lot longer than at first thought to be tamed. To date, about 90% of people over the age of 16 have been vaccinated in the Henley area. The latest advice from the scientists and doctors to the public is to continue to wear masks, to socially distance, and to follow all other precautionary measures. By doing so, you are helping to stop the virus from spreading, and therefore save the NHS from being overwhelmed with Covid patients, to enable it to turn more of its attention to treating patients with other illnesses; currently over one million people are waiting for treatment.

Church services are continuing to be held in church and shown via the internet. To accommodate larger groups of people at baptisms, there are now more chairs laid out in the nave. Holy Trinity church’s ‘Knit and Stitch Group’ continue to meet on Thursday afternoons at various venues.

Quinquennial Report

The PCC has been considering the latest Quinquennial Report on the state of the church building. The report recommends a long list of repairs that need doing. The most urgent repairs are pointing to the church roof tiling, and to the north wall of the church.

The north wall, Holy Trinity church
The north wall, Holy Trinity church

Ducks paddling on a sandbank; the river Thames is the southern boundary of Holy Trinity church parish (view from Marsh Lock)
Ducks paddling on a sandbank; the river Thames is the southern boundary of Holy Trinity church parish (view from Marsh Lock)


Reverend Duncan Carter
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