Parish Jottings

Parish Jottings - November 2015

These letters were individually painted by children of Trinity School

Harvest Festival

Our Harvest Festival, which is a favourite event in the church year, took place on Sunday 4th October. At the morning service Michael Forsdike, our LLM, was presented with an orchid in recognition of the ruby wedding anniversary of his marriage to Lucia.

During the service, the Reverend Duncan Carter gave an illuminating talk reflecting upon the text in Matthew 6: 25-33 in which we are told 'not to worry' as we go about living our daily lives. Worrying is to no avail and it will not help us in any way. Firstly we should concentrate on seeking God's kingdom and His righteousness and this will enable us to more aptly provide for ourselves and our families with the things in life that are important. We must put our trust in God, as He cares for all his creatures, and then the things which we need to seek will fall more clearly into place.

Congratulations to our flower ladies for decorating the church with all their creative and colourful flower displays which adorned the interior of the church. The pedestal displays, the window displays, the basket of vegetables and fruit display on the font and all the other displays, each one added impressive significance to the resplendent spectacle of our Harvest Festival.

Following having refreshments after the service and taking part in a wealth of chatter, the time slipped by quickly and we were soon sitting down to enjoy our bring-and-share lunch. There was plenty of choice of food for our diners and some of us may have eaten more than we intended, as one's resistance is low, faced with such a spread of tempting and appetising food. As we dined we continued to chatter and learn more about ourselves and hear friend's views and comments on many aspects of the world in general. Time to talk to each other is a valuable resource that seems in short supply in today's busy world. At the end of the meal, I did not hear anyone ask when the next Harvest Festival lunch will be taking place, but I'm sure many would have been wondering and looking forward to it.

Harvest Festival

Harvest FestivalHarvest Festival

Harvest FestivalHarvest FestivalHarvest Festival

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival display in Holy Trinity church
Harvest Festival display in Holy Trinity church


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