Parish Jottings

Parish Jottings - June / July 2019

Easter at Holy Trinity Church

At the Easter service at Holy Trinity church on Sunday 21st April, there were few empty seats. The Reverend Duncan Carter and the Licensed Lay Minister Michael Forsdike presided at the service.

Easter at Holy Trinity Church

With the help of some young volunteers, Duncan gave an illustrated talk for the children present. Later in the service, Duncan gave a talk for the adults; both talks were based on the Easter story. After the service, an Easter egg hunt took place for the children.

Easter at Holy Trinity Church

The church Flower Ladies, Mary Burton, and Maureen George, had decorated the church with many colourful flower displays. White lilies formed the centrepiece of the podium pedestal display.

Easter at Holy Trinity Church

The children of Trinity School made over 300 paper crosses, which they had hung from strings stretching across the nave, with the crosses held in position with pink ribbons. Each cross, a thoughtful piece of artwork in itself, individually made by a pupil, had coloured drawings on both sides. Never before have so many crosses adorned the nave as a tribute to the Festival of Easter, in such a pleasing way.

Church Flower Fund

At the Annual Church Meetings on Sunday 7th April, a collection for the Church Flower Fund, raised over £50, which more than covered the cost of the Easter flowers. The average typical cost of buying flowers for the church flower displays is about £20, and each set of displays may last for two or three weeks. When available, flowers and foliage are obtained from church members’ gardens.

Easter crosses at Holy Trinity church (2019)
Easter crosses at Holy Trinity church (2019)


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