Parish Jottings

Parish Jottings - June 2022

A bit of history

Old hands will know that we have two annual meetings but, because they are always held on the same day in quick succession, this technicality can easily pass without notice. The first, the Annual Meeting of Parishioners (sometimes called the Annual Parish Meeting or, more mysteriously, the Vestry Meeting), is only for the purpose of electing churchwardens. Anyone who lives in the parish can attend and vote, even if they are not a church member (but fortunately never do!). This curious anachronism dates from before the mid-19th century, when there was no distinction between the civil parish and the ecclesiastical parish and the churchwardens and a committee known as the Vestry Committee (or commonly just “the vestry”) because it often met in the church vestry, administered the Poor Law, repaired the roads and were electively the local government. Happily we no longer have to repair the roads or make social security payments but we still have the annual meeting.

Did you miss the A.P.C.M.?

The second of our two meetings, the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, is much like the A.G.M. of any other organisation. The P.C.C. gives a report on activities during the year, the church finances, the state of the church building and its contents etc. Our meetings were held on the 8th of May and, if you were unable to make it, there are still some copies of the P.C.C.’s report and the accounts in church. If you would like to know more, have a word with any P.C.C. member. They are listed in this month's edition of Trinity Times.

Bread and wine

One of the casualties of the Covid pandemic was the Church of England’s normal practice of administering communion wine from a common cup, because of the risk of passing on infection. At communion services in the morning we have been distributing only bread. Now that the pandemic has abated, should we continue like this? Or should we return to the common cup? Or should we look for a middle course, if we are allowed, like individual cups? The decision lies with the Vicar but Duncan would like to know how church members feel. Let him or a P.C.C. member know what you think.

Joy Williams

On Tuesday the 10th of May we gave thanks for the life of a much loved church member, Joy Williams, who died last July but whose family could only now gather for her memorial service because ofthe lifting of travel restrictions in New Zealand. Her son Richard gave a moving tribute and there were lovely readings from other family members. The service was followed by a splendid tea at Henley Cricket Club on a beautiful Spring evening.

Trinity Together

On the second Tuesday of each month a good number of members of the morning and afternoon church families meet together at 8:00 p.m. in church for Trinity Together; to praise God, to give thanks for all our blessings and to pray about things which are on our minds and hearts. Prayer is the foundation of church life: join us sometime if you can, in person or on line.

The lower path leading through the Millennium Garden at Holy Trinity church
The lower path leading through the Millennium Garden at Holy Trinity church


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