Parish Jottings

Parish Jottings - July 2015

Knit and Stitch Group

Knitted blanket and jumper
Knitted blanket and jumper

Our church 'Knit & Stitch Group' continues to make woollen goods for needy children throughout the world. Their speciality is blankets made up of six-inch knitted squares sown together. Knitting small squares enables odd lengths of different coloured wool to be used up. Other garments such as jumpers and hats are also made. The completed woollen goods are dispatched via charities to where they are most needed in the world, such as Nepal, which has recently had devastating earthquakes.

The group is always in need of wool. If anyone has any unwanted double knitting wool lying about the house, it would be gratefully received by the group; please give it to Mary Burton, or any other member of the group.

Jean Manning (1930 - 2015)

We were saddened to learn of the death of Jean Margaret Manning who died on 24th April aged 84. Her funeral service was held at Reading Crematorium on 11th May. Jean was one of a family of eight children and brought up in Pimlico and later Richmond. Due to having a weak heart, Jean had a difficult childhood and grew up to be small in stature. However, Jean was strong-willed and liked to be independent. During her working life Jean did secretarial work for various organisations. Some years ago Jean moved to live in a flat at 'Hanover House', adjacent to our churchyard and attended Holy Trinity church, but in later years took communion at home. Amongst other things, Jean had a passion for rowing and was a cox; she was a member of the Leander Club.

Word for Today

Word for Today

Holiday time is approaching and for some it has already arrived. Most people take a good book to read during their time away during their hours of planned leisure. Many people read the publication shown in the illustration above, 'The Word for Today', which gives you a thought for every day of the year to help you along with your Christian journey.

You can pick the free publication up in church, or you can have your own copy delivered to your door by post. For those who prefer to use digital reading devices, you can receive the booklet in digital form by email.

The Churchyard Store crouches unpretentiously against the churchyard wall
The Churchyard Store crouches unpretentiously against the churchyard wall


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