Parish Jottings

Parish Jottings - February 2018

Winter in the Churchyard

A natural posy of winter aconites
A natural posy of winter aconites

You do not have to wait for spring this year; it is already here in the churchyard. Looking around, you can spot bulbs rising up through the grass and getting ready to perform their colourful springtime serenade.

Winter in the Church

Looking up at those brilliant florescent amber beacons glaring down upon you during some of the recent Sunday morning services, you may have wondered whether, or not, these new heaters were producing any heat. Although some 40 kilowatts of radiated heat are discharged, it seems to be insufficient to heat the church on the coldest mornings.

Perhaps the heaters’ heat intensity can be increased by adjusting their Alternatively, installing additional heaters may be the answer; fewer new heaters have been installed than the number of old ones removed.

Tomorrow’s Church Starts Today

Tomorrow’s Church Starts Today

Some thirty years ago, Trinity church had a Youth Co-ordinator and five children’s groups, namely: Mothers & Tots, Compass Club for those aged 7+, Hench Club for those aged 11+, Fourteen Plus Club and Sixteen Plus Club. In addition, there was a church choir to which many children belonged. Since those days, our children’s groups have slowly faded away as its members have grown up and left to go to college. At present, we only have our Little Chimes group. Modern generations of children have developed different life patterns, and, in their free hours, tend to follow alternative activities to church clubs.

Now, Trinity church is taking part in an exciting new venture – “Trinity at Four”, which is not only for children, but aimed at the whole family so they do not miss out of what the church has to offer. We hope that as many current churchgoers as possible will take part in this new initiative which will initially take place monthly at 4:00 p.m. on Sundays.

Winter sunlight on Holy Trinity churchyard
Winter sunlight on Holy Trinity churchyard


Reverend Duncan Carter
Vicarage, 16 Church Street, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 1SE (574822)

Trinity at Four Minister:
Reverend Sam Brewster
29 Gainsborough Hill,
Oxfordshire, RG9 1ST
(07899 843461)

Peter Jones
Michael Forsdike


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