Parish Jottings

Parish Jottings - December 2019 / January 2020

Churchyard Clean-up Day

Churchyard Clean-up Day

Saturday 19th October, was churchyard clean-up day. The weather was fine and a contingent of workers turned up to help to maintain the ever-growing foliage to tolerable limitations. The trimming of one of the yew trees, growing in front of the west entrance, to match the height of the other one, was a main job. Workers carried out much other work around the churchyard, but you may find it difficult to spot all the work that they did.

Churchyard Railings

The iron railings on the churchyard walls have been repainted. Lee and Freeman, a local firm of painters and decorators, carried out the work. The work was partly paid for by donations from church members.

Politically correct Bibles

You may have wondered, when following the readings in church services, why the wording varies in places in the new church Bibles. This is because the new Bibles are of the 2011 NIV ‘politically corrected’ version, which uses gender-inclusive language as is now frequently used in the modern secular world. A few examples of changes are: ‘people’ used for men’; ‘brothers and sisters’ used for ‘brethren’; and ‘that person’ used for ‘he’. In addition, insensitive parts of the Bible text have been omitted. These changes, have been ridiculed by many conservative Christians, who have rejected them, saying that political correctness has gone too far. The publisher argues that these updates were necessary in order to reflect the latest developments in our understanding of the biblical world and its language to keep pace with changes in English usage.

‘That will do nicely’

‘That will do nicely’

The church relies on gifting from churchgoers to keep it running smoothly. There are various ways of donating; by cash, cheque, direct debit, or weekly envelopes. Our latest alternative way, for casual or regular giving, is to gift by card (minimum £5, maximum £30). Just enter an amount, and swipe your card against the device (you can still gift aid your donation, by completing a gift aid slip).

A white Holy Trinity church (January 2013)
A white Holy Trinity church (January 2013)


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