Parish Jottings

Parish Jottings - December 2016

Churchyard Autumn Clear-up

Saturday 5th November was a cold, damp, and dull day for our churchyard autumn clear-up; nevertheless, several volunteers turned out to give Trinity churchyard its autumnal trim. Shrubs needed to be pruned, brambles and ivy removed and scattered self-seeded ash, holly and sycamore trees pulled up. In addition, work was carried out in the church; dusting and vacuuming, spiders’ webs particularly were predominant. Duncan Carter, with the help of Michael Forsdike, worked on the daunting task of maintaining the high-level lights in the nave. Watch out for our next clear-up day which will be in the spring, and, hopefully, a more clement day for the event will be forthcoming.

Christmas Wreaths

In previous years, the church flower ladies have made Christmas wreaths and sold them to customers, in order to raise money for the ‘Church Flower Fund’. Our flower ladies are sorry to say that they are no longer able to tackle this labour-intensive work. We thank them all for the many wreaths that they have made in past years.

Remembrance 2016

The annual Service of Remembrance was held at Holy Trinity church on 13th November. The Reverend Duncan Carter, who presided at the service, gave a sermon based on Matthew Chapter 5, which contrasts the Old Testament law of retaliation - “an eye for an eye”, with Jesus’s corresponding teachings, which calls for an unselfish approach to hostility, which not only refuses to retaliate, but does not resist further offensiveness. Such an extraordinary moral code subordinates ones rights to the benefit of others. Jesus’s command is to “love your enemies”.

A Word for Everyday

A Word for Everyday

The Bible (NIV) comprises 39 books of the Old Testament and 27 books of the New Testament, a total of sixty-six books, from Genesis to Revelation. Altogether, there are 1189 chapters, 31086 verses, and 752,702 words. One way to get to know the Bible better is to read the “Word for Today”. In this quarterly publication, which is distributed free of charge by the church, there is just one paragraph to read for each day of the year. Each daily paragraph is a little story based on a chosen verse from the Bible, and can be related to modern-day life as we live it. If you do not already read this publication, pick one up next time you are in church and see what you think of it as an aid to your daily Christian life.

Remembrance 2016 - The old war memorial in Holy Trinity church. “We will remember them”
Remembrance 2016 - The old war memorial in Holy Trinity church
“We will remember them”


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