Parish Jottings

Parish Jottings - April 2021

Road out of Lockdown

Road out of Lockdown

Whilst our church services continue, both in church and on-line, we still have some way to go before we can wave goodbye to the Lockdown restrictions. Last month the Prime Minister announced his four-step roadmap for a route back to a more normal life. Providing that infection statistics allow, the plan is to end most of the restrictions by 21st June. Therefore, it is important for us not to relax our guard against catching, or transmitting this devastating virus disease.

The vaccination programme is advancing steadily; up until the first week of last month, in our local district, the two Henley Surgeries had vaccinated over 6000 people in the higher age groups. In the UK, over 25 million people have now been vaccinated, and the infection rates have diminished noticeably.

We are very thankful to Duncan, our vicar, and Michael, our L. L. M., for continuing to hold Sunday morning services. The services mean so much to churchgoers, as do the periodic emails sent out to them by Duncan and Michael, giving details of the services and other matters. In addition, we thank Sam Brewster and Peter Goodman for their time and technological expertise in putting the services on-line for us, and all others for helping to keep the church running.

Eco Church

Apart from the Covid-19 virus pandemic, probably the most challenging threat to mankind is climate change. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said that “the crises of climate change and biodiversity loss are the most grave and existential we face: as human beings, as a Church and as a global community, and the care of creation is at the heart of the Anglican Communion’s marks of mission that hopefully will play a key part in the life of every church community and every disciple of Jesus Christ”. Led by its new Bishop for the Environment, Graham Usher, the Church of England’s Environment Programme, will develop tools and resources to enable churches, schools, and dioceses to rise to the challenge of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Eco Church

A Rocha UK (ARUK), is a Christian charity working for the protection and restoration of the natural world, and committed to equipping Christians and churches in the UK to care for the environment. “Eco Church” is a scheme run by the charity to equip churches to care for God's creation through their worship, buildings, land, community engagement, and individual lifestyles.

The empty bench adjacent to Holy Trinity church entrance: a conception of ‘Stay at Home’ Lockdown.
The empty bench adjacent to Holy Trinity church entrance:
a conception of ‘Stay at Home’ Lockdown.


Reverend Duncan Carter
Vicarage, 16 Church Street, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 1SE (574822)

Trinity at Four Minister:
Reverend Sam Brewster
29 Gainsborough Hill,
Oxfordshire, RG9 1ST
(07899 843461)

Peter Jones
Michael Forsdike


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