Parish Jottings

Parish Jottings - April 2018

Mothering Sunday Posies

Mothering Sunday posies
Mothering Sunday posies

At the morning service on Sunday 11th March, posies were distributed to the ladies present, as is our custom on Mothering Sunday. Our flower ladies, Mary Burton and Maureen George, had made a basket full of posies, and our “Little Chimes” had made posies crafted out of coloured tissue papers, with daffodil centres.

Posies made by “The Little Chimes”
Posies made by “The Little Chimes”

Church Heaters

The new church heaters, originally fixed to the walls at high level, have now been re-fixed at a lower level. The result has been positive, and parts of the church now feel warmer. However, it seems that more heaters are ideally required to keep the congregation adequately warm on the coldest winter days.

A parish winter of contrasts

Following the snow in Advent, which was too early to give us a white Christmas, we had an early spring in January, when flowers in the churchyard suddenly burst into bloom. This winter has also given us much rain and some very cold snaps. In early March more snow came, and in mid-March, the snow came once again; on both of these occasions, some churchgoers did not attempt the hazardous journey to church.

We are now officially in the season of spring, and the weather continues to be unpredictable. Therefore, it makes good sense to keep your umbrellas, snow boots, and extra woollens handy, in case you need them. Look out for yellow rain warnings, amber ice warnings, and red snow warnings. What colourful weather we have.

Footprints in the snow lead the way to Holy Trinity church (March 2018)
Footprints in the snow lead the way to Holy Trinity church (March 2018)


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